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This is my own small corner of the internet where I may do as I please some non-zero amount of what I want.

How does one begin a website? That is, what should the first sentence
that meets daring readers’ eyes be? I have elected to forgo this
predicament by (careful readers will note) omitting the first sentence
of this website entirely.

You may further be delighted to know that today’s day of the day is
that timeless classic, your favourite and mine, .

Continuing in this relevant vein, I feel it encumbant upon myself to
share with you a truthful truth. If I must be honest, and I needn’t
but I shall, this entire website started as some elaborate attempt to
make a website. I’m pleased to inform you my efforts resulted in no
shortage of quantity – I would prefer not to deliberate the quality.

You are likely to find the following here:

If you are looking for the following, you may be disappointed:

Pieces recently uploaded:

  1. A brush with MathJax
  2. Content has been migrated
  3. A fresh start


Finally, I am advised to inform you that all code appearing on this
site is avaliable under the terms of MIT license and all
other content is released under the terms of the
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.